Hope for saving all species

One of the main things that upsets me the most is hearing of a species becoming extinct. I remember reading my environmental textbook one day in high school and looking at a picture of a Tasmanian tiger and reading a caption that said “extinct since 1936″.

It breaks my heart every time I read or hear about a species that is completely extinct. I just think about how long those certain species have been living and how they try to live their lives in their natural habitats. It is not just animals though, I am sad when I hear of a language or culture dying out. For example, I am sad that the Hawaiian population is decreasing which might eventually lead to the Hawaiian language dying out. I guess my biggest source of sadness for the world is what drives me to wanting to pursue sustainability whether it’s for an environment or for culture. One piece of news did give me so much hope for the world.


The above article talks about how a giant tortoise species that was thought to have died out is actually alive in the Galapogos Islands. According to the article, this rediscoverd species is called Chelonoidis elephantopus which are known for their saddle-shaped shells. When I heard about this, my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t believe there was actually hope for a supposedly extinct species. Finding the Chelonoidis elephantopus for me is like a second chance for us to make up for the harm we caused to the environment and the species who live in it. It tells me that there is still hope for us to do our part to conserve the flora and fauna of our world.

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