The Meadowlands

First of all I just want to say that when I saw the title of the book I don’t even know what to expect and frankly I had to Google or to be specific I Wikipedia the word Meadowlands. I think its a kinda like a lake? This is what I found on Wikipedia “the site of large landfills and decades of environmental abuse” This can be compared to the word wilderness we discussed in class but with negative connotation to it but Sullivan uses the word urban wilderness instead. I like how Sullivan portrays the good and the bad of the meadowland as well as the history of it by talking to people who are involved. How the meadowlands has been forgotten and misuse or mistreated. It has become the dumpsite filled with chemicals.  This particular meadowlands Sullivan wrote about is located in New Jersey.  This way Sullivan helps raise awareness to people like us to help conserve and treat meadowlands better. It’s the battle between human and the nature. You can see that people still throw their garbage here. I visited the Everglades in Florida about two years ago and when I read  The Meadowlands it makes me think of the Everglades. Having animals living there but its very dirty and the water was not clear at all.

I’m glad that there are people like Leo available who appreciate the Meadowland and trying to help the birds that are caught between the branches. He even wrote letters to a newspaper about this issue but nothing was done.  In the last chapter Smith and Sheehan came up with many ideas and plans to make the meadowlands a better place for the society but none of it work so far. Therefore I think there should be a written law for people to not throw their waste here since it will destroy the ecosystem. It will be hard enforced but maybe it’s a start.

The Everglades

Questions to think about

Even though there were a lot of effort and campaigns to help fix the problem? What do you think we should do next? Where will the waste go then? It has to go somewhere.

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  1. John Krygier says:

    Ok comments. Try pulling out a few more issues that are of interest in the reading, google them, and include some images and links in the posting. Also try to come up with more questions for discussion, say 5 or so.

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