Potential Project Ideas

Hey everyone,

So I was looking over all of the project ideas and was considering what exactly I wanted to work on for this class.

I feel like that my love for art is pointing me into the direction to work on the indoor recycling bins because I’m very into design and know the art department very well. I would be fine either working on this with a partner or on my own. I think that we need better designed indoor recycling bins and feel we can do so easily.

I also feel like I would enjoy working on the stream restoration on campus. I once worked a little on stream restoration in Hawaii for an internship and think that I would benefit from this project. I would be able to work on this project mentally rather than physically (moving branches and all).

Honestly, I like all of the projects but those are the two that stand out to me the most. We will see where this wonderful class will lead me to.


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