Introduction: Me, myself and I

Hello everyone,

My name is Amanda Boehme. I am an Environmental Studies and Sociology double major with a potential minor in Chinese. Like the Environmental Studies major, I have a wide range of interests. These interests include art, softball, running, games, and four leaf clovers.

With the combination of Environmental Studies and Sociology, I think I want to work in the sustainability field because it is a chance to preserve the environment and interact with different people. I went on a Sagan Course trip called Ecotourism, Eco Certification where we studied it in Costa Rica. That’s when I fell in love with ecotourism. Just the chance to give people a wonderful visit while being friendly with the environment.

( In case you guys wanna know what ecotourism is —-> )

Below is a picture of me going on a hike in Costa Rica.Image

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