Oil companies always frack things up

“Instead, the report’s strongest statement may be that there is, indeed, a problem.”

At least people know it.  I chose this article on fracking because I heard about it for the first time last semester and was appalled.  This new way of retrieving natural gas is leaking toxic chemicals into groundwater and into wells, causing farms in Pennsylvania to end up with hairless animals and exploding sinks.  How is this being allowed?  Fancy lawyers for the fracking companies argue there is no proof that the fracking caused these effects.  However, no such effects existed before the fracking began.  This specific article addresses the need to put laws and regulations in place in order for fracking to continue.  There are very few limitations currently because the process is relatively new.  Like any new practice being put into common use, there need to be some serious regulations put in place to prevent this from becoming a huge hazard for the environment and for the communities near fracking sites.

Fracking diagram

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