Week # 11 Breakfast of Biodiversity ( March 30th 2011)

I found it very interesting that in the first chapter it talked about banana production and how it was harming the rain forests.  This is came as a shock to me that Chiquita banana has such a poor impact of the rainforest.  The impact was a shock to me because one of Chiquita banana’s head quarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I mean let’s be honest this is not the only problem that is causing the rainforest to decline but it is one that can be changed.  We can change by building area in which banana farmers are able to develop their banana production, somewhere other than the rainforest.  The hard thing about this is that a rainforest has the perfect prescription for banana growth.  In a rainforest it is moist, perfect temperature conditions, rarely touched by human life and the soil which used to be rich is now taking a turn for the worst, due to all the production.  It was weird to me that so many people who lived near the equator rely on migrant banana farming within the rain forest, and the vicious cycle that takes place once the land is done harvesting and the problem with the workers staying around and framing.  This was strange to me because as destructive as banana production can be and communities that live in close proximity are supporting the destruction by relying on the major companies to produce the bananas.  Since my 2nd or 3rd grade year I have always been in awe of the rainforest.  Props to Mrs. Ristau or Mr. Way, but just the information about the rainforest and banana production kept me interested enough in the book so I was able to read it.

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