Week # 1 The Meadowland: (Jan. 19th)

I felt that Sullivan gave very good description on “The Meadowlands.” An example of this was on page 61.  “…the sky is the most prominent feature of the Meadowlands. The area’s undevelopability has kept it relatively free of skyscrapers and tall buildings. All over the Meadowlands, there is an uninterrupted panorama. It’s Big Sky Country East.” One of the biggest concerns that caught my eye in this book was that the community members around the area letting this place that used to be fully alive with nature go to waste but throwing trash and dumping garbage into this and turning into a place where no one can be proud of.  All of this happening and it being in close proximity to the city of New York, where many people travel, visit and live due to it being one the nation’s most prized places. Overall I felt that Sullivan’s book had an interesting approach on our class.  I was expecting this book to be on a place similar to the word wilderness that we discussed the first week of class.  But just like the word wilderness, one can interpret a place differently than another would.

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