Sharks worth $1.9 million in Palau

Whoa that’s a looooot of money!

A study conducted involving the expenditures of tourists and internationalists combined places the value of each shark living in Palau in the Pacific at  $1.9 million each. Through some crazy calculations, this study is meant to establish the value of each shark not as a commodity but, its worth in an ecosystem. Sharks are very important to maintaining a healthy ecosystems as top predators of many of the animals that live there, but hunting them has become a problem. What better way to place value into people hearts about something than to give it a monetary value. People understand money way better than they understand an ecosystem…


From the article:

“Mr. Rand of the Pew Environment Group argues that even if a direct dollar figure cannot be attached to each shark, they are worth protecting.

‘People understand that when you take all the wolves out of Yellowstone or the lions out of the Serengeti, that there’s going to be quite an effect on the ecosystem,” he said. “It’s the same with the oceans, where sharks are the top-order predators.’”

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