Paul Gruber – Final Portfolio

Weeks 1 & 2 (Jan. 12 & 19)

About Me

Notes on Meadowlands

Current Event: Wave Power Out of the Picture

Week 3 (Jan. 26)

Notes on Desert Solitaire

Current Event: U.S. Military Fuel

Week 4 (Feb. 2)

Notes on Nature

Preliminary Project Proposal (trashed in favor of Carbon Offsetting)

Current Event: Acting on environmental Racism

Week 5 (Feb. 9)

Notes on Nature continued

Week 6 (Feb. 16)

Notes on Environment and Society

Project Proposal – Beekeeping (trashed for Carbon Offsetting)

Current Event: Tornadoes (from the future!)

Week 7 (Feb. 23)

No notes on Environment and Society continued

Week 8 (March 2)

Notes on Eating Animals (presented)

Week 9 (March 9)

Spring Break

Week 10 (March 16)

No notes on  How to Be Idle

Current Event: Money Sharks

Week 11 (March 23)

Notes on Breakfast of Biodiversity

Current Event: King crabs

Week 12 (March 30)

Notes on Lawn People

Current Event: Cincinnati Zoo solar panels

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