Eating Animals

I enjoyed this book more that I have others in this class.  Although this book gave me second thoughts about eating meat there is no way I could give up such a wonderful gift from the man upstairs.  I feel like that would be like slapping God in the face for giving us such a gorgeous gift and no accepting it.  Throughout the book there were so disturbing issues brought up such as the producing of meats and the way animals are killed and made available for humans to eat.  The food chain is a way of life.  Therefore I do feel bad that other things have to die in order to feed my belly but at the same time I would rather not go hungry or eat something fake and not get the same nutritional value out of it.  One issue that was brought to my attention was the ways that animals are treated in the killing process. I believe that all animals should be treated with the respect that we would treat another human. They should be killed with ethical behavior and not tortured before their death.  I know that it is cruel to kill others things but it is simply a way of life that I am comfortable with.  I personally cannot do vegan stuff, I have tried and didn’t like it so, and real meat it is for me.  I think that it is a good idea for people who do enjoy vegan food to  have it available, so there is an alternative to killing animals for food consumption.  Most individuals that eat meat will continue to eat meat, but the chemicals that are put into the meat are unnecessary.  I think that the animals should be able to grow naturally and not have growth hormones injected into them therefore they are able to grow at a faster rate and produced more rapidly.  This is not safe for the humans nor the animals.  Free range is the way to go. All natural meat is what is best and the proper way for animals to grow.  Which raises the question is it unethical to place growth hormones into animals for faster food production? If more people were able to have access and read this book would they think differently about eat meat since most individuals don’t know how and what goes into the making of their packaged meat? Would this book change the minds of people after reading it?

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