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May 3, 2011

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The Meadowlands

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Desert Solitaire

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Nature 1-5

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Nature 5-9 Class Discussion

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Environment and society part 1

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How to be idol

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Breakfast of Biodiversity

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Lawn People

Paul Gruber – Final Portfolio

May 3, 2011

Weeks 1 & 2 (Jan. 12 & 19)

About Me

Notes on Meadowlands

Current Event: Wave Power Out of the Picture

Week 3 (Jan. 26)

Notes on Desert Solitaire

Current Event: U.S. Military Fuel

Week 4 (Feb. 2)

Notes on Nature

Preliminary Project Proposal (trashed in favor of Carbon Offsetting)

Current Event: Acting on environmental Racism

Week 5 (Feb. 9)

Notes on Nature continued

Week 6 (Feb. 16)

Notes on Environment and Society

Project Proposal – Beekeeping (trashed for Carbon Offsetting)

Current Event: Tornadoes (from the future!)

Week 7 (Feb. 23)

No notes on Environment and Society continued

Week 8 (March 2)

Notes on Eating Animals (presented)

Week 9 (March 9)

Spring Break

Week 10 (March 16)

No notes on  How to Be Idle

Current Event: Money Sharks

Week 11 (March 23)

Notes on Breakfast of Biodiversity

Current Event: King crabs

Week 12 (March 30)

Notes on Lawn People

Current Event: Cincinnati Zoo solar panels

Sharks worth $1.9 million in Palau

May 3, 2011

Whoa that’s a looooot of money!

A study conducted involving the expenditures of tourists and internationalists combined places the value of each shark living in Palau in the Pacific at  $1.9 million each. Through some crazy calculations, this study is meant to establish the value of each shark not as a commodity but, its worth in an ecosystem. Sharks are very important to maintaining a healthy ecosystems as top predators of many of the animals that live there, but hunting them has become a problem. What better way to place value into people hearts about something than to give it a monetary value. People understand money way better than they understand an ecosystem…


From the article:

“Mr. Rand of the Pew Environment Group argues that even if a direct dollar figure cannot be attached to each shark, they are worth protecting.

‘People understand that when you take all the wolves out of Yellowstone or the lions out of the Serengeti, that there’s going to be quite an effect on the ecosystem,” he said. “It’s the same with the oceans, where sharks are the top-order predators.’”

Digital Portfolio – Scott Wise

May 3, 2011

About Me 🙂

Week # 1 (Jan 19th 2011)


Current Event:

Australian Flood

Week # 2 (Jan 26th 2011)

Dessert Solitaire

Current Event:

Brazil Flood

Week # 3 & 4 ( Feb. 2nd-9th, 2011)


Current Event:

Asteroid to hit Earth?

Project idea??

Week # 5 & 6: Didn’t complete reading for environment and society (Feb 16th-23rd)

Week # 7: (March 2nd, 2011)

Eating Animals

Current Event:

Australia Cyclone

Week # 8: Spring Break

Week # 9:  (March 16th 2011)

How to Be Idle

Current Event:

Pigs Love the Mud!

Week #10: (March 23rd, 2011)

Lawn People

Week # 11:( March 30th 2011)

Breakfast of Biodiversity

Current Event:

Thailand troubles

Most tornadoes in April in 25 years

May 3, 2011

According to a meteorologist from the NOAA, the month of April has seen a record 600 tornadoes, which is the most there have been in the past 25 years. In the aftermath of the devastating tornadoes that decimated towns and cities in the southern and south-eastern United States, many are wondering why this is the case. Usually it is in May that the U.S. sees a lot of tornadoes. So, this is very unusual, and meteorologists are having a hard time figuring out why. It’s not farfetched to think global warming and climate change has something to do with it, but it cannot be discerned now if it has any effect at all. What they have determined is that April had so many tornadoes due to a combination of the usual severe weather and the closeness of an active and stagnant jet stream pattern.

Current Event Week # 11

May 3, 2011

Flooding in Thailand kills 21 & strands thousands

As Thailand is one of the world’s largest producers of rubber.  All types of transportation and exporting has been delayed due to server mudslides and flooding occurring in southern Thailand area.  With tourist being trapped in areas, the Thailand navy sent out multiple vessels and rescuers to help gather the tourists and get them to a safe place, while also providing necessary supplies.

Week # 11 Breakfast of Biodiversity ( March 30th 2011)

May 3, 2011

I found it very interesting that in the first chapter it talked about banana production and how it was harming the rain forests.  This is came as a shock to me that Chiquita banana has such a poor impact of the rainforest.  The impact was a shock to me because one of Chiquita banana’s head quarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I mean let’s be honest this is not the only problem that is causing the rainforest to decline but it is one that can be changed.  We can change by building area in which banana farmers are able to develop their banana production, somewhere other than the rainforest.  The hard thing about this is that a rainforest has the perfect prescription for banana growth.  In a rainforest it is moist, perfect temperature conditions, rarely touched by human life and the soil which used to be rich is now taking a turn for the worst, due to all the production.  It was weird to me that so many people who lived near the equator rely on migrant banana farming within the rain forest, and the vicious cycle that takes place once the land is done harvesting and the problem with the workers staying around and framing.  This was strange to me because as destructive as banana production can be and communities that live in close proximity are supporting the destruction by relying on the major companies to produce the bananas.  Since my 2nd or 3rd grade year I have always been in awe of the rainforest.  Props to Mrs. Ristau or Mr. Way, but just the information about the rainforest and banana production kept me interested enough in the book so I was able to read it.