Lawn People: The most thorough analysis of lawns I have ever seen.

This book has its charms. I would not say it was very interesting just because it all about the history of lawns and the chemicals we use on them. But it does do a very good job at observing and classifying the characteristics that make people and their lawns seem crazy!

The author, Paul Robbins, makes the lawn look like a massive source of power in our economy. And when you sit do and think about it, even though it is crazy, it really is. Think of how much time, effort and money people put into their laws every year. When the season is right its hard to find a home in america that does not have a well kept lawn. And it seems pretty simple why. The lawn has become a source of pride to the american. We look on other peoples lawns with awe when they are lush and green. We thrive to be better then our neighbor. We are almost controlled by it. It has created a form of conformity over our society. It creates in equality and divides our people. But to what cause?

Well with every form of conformity there is always a way to cheat to try and get to the top. And that is what this book is about, chemicals. In order for you to have the best lawn possible you need to kill all the weeds and make the roots grow strong and thick. This will make a beautiful turf that you can show off. This idea controls our communities. It forces people to interject the care and chores of these laws into there schedule’s. Everything fro watering and fertilizing to trimming the edges and cutting the grass twice a week. But this idea has also made an impact on our economy. It causes people to spend masses of money on these products that are flushed into the earth.

In the end it is our fault for contaminating the environment with grass, but grass and lawns are not bad. Without grass our world would be a in a whole of trouble. But we need to be more considerate of how we maintain our lawn. And it is nearly impossible for the whole of american’s who love their lawns to do this. It is a sad though, but true.

I have never had this view of a lawn before. I was not raised that the lawn was something that needed to be cared for and cherished. In fact it was way more of a burden on my family. We never wanted to cut it, we all had better things to do that make our lawn pretty for the cars passing by. So I guess in that sense that is why I have never thought of the lawn as being such a controlling factor. Oh well. I plan on having a yard full of rocks! HA! problem solved 🙂

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