Lawn People

Last semester in Environmental Alteration, Dr. Hickcox briefly mentioned that lawn mowers are one of the largest contributors to carbon dioxide emissions, which at first I didn’t believe it. I think part of the reason I refused to believe it is because my dad is definitely one of those lawn people.  Several times throughout my childhood, I was told I cannot play/walk on the grass because my dad had put some chemical on it. Never really crossed my mind, until later in life. What on earth were we putting on the grass, that people couldn’t touch?! If my dad needed to wear gloves when putting this chemical on the grass, than CLEARLY it is not something safe for other animals to touch. My dad always HATED weeds so much, we were never able to make a wish on those dandilions, because as he said “everyone’s wish is the same, MORE WEEDS, and they always come true. Our yard was always perfectly trimmed. If the weather didn’t cooperate and parts of our grass would die, or there was a grub investation, my dad would not just plant new grass, but he would lay out those patches of grass so it never looked bad. It is so strange, because I most definitely did not grow up in one of those stuck up, fancy neighborhoods where as Robbins mentions were legally bounded to keeping a perfectly groomed lawns, but my dad was so concerned about how our yard looked. We are also the ONLY liberal family on the block, our recycle bins are always filled, our outdoor lights are solar powered, yet our lawn is chemically treated. I think my dad definitely needs to read this book. Especially because, our house is on top of a hill, below is a creek. All of this runoff is potentially going into the creek, which deers in the area depend on for water. WE COULD BE KILLING DEERS!!!

How did we get this way? Why is it only Americans who are so obsessed with the image of our lawns? Robbins talks about that many people putting these chemicals on the lawns have no idea what they are actually doing, that it may even HELP the grass and surrounding environment.   I think Americans need to educate themselves better, or we force them to read this.

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