Environment and Society Part II

To start I wasnt aware of the true nature of the Kyoto Protocol so that section I found interesting and did a little research on the Kyoto Protocol as well as its history. What I found most intriguing about the protocol was the ranking of countries into the sperate annexes and how countries were placed as well as the countries wealth and progression. This is important as we spoke about the countries that are still developing and have yet to hit the stage where they produced large quantities of carbon emissions as America did during the industrial revolution but that these countries should still have the oppuritiy to progress forward. And the theory has worked as Europe has cut their emissions by a substantial amount. However, since the US is currently the largest emitter as well as not even being in the Kyoto Protocol is worrisome. The reason being is the calbration between countries when new technology is introduced or the making of new technology that could have both a posistive affect on productiuon and cutting emissions. The US may not be included in these talks and may be on our own for awhile when trying to com eup with new ideas.

Continuing n this was the discussion focusing on trees and the relationship they share with humans. While a table used in the book showed tree loss over time there was also indecation of the tree growth as the rates begun to slow down and the idea of more denesly populated areas forming instead of wide spread growth was allowing a regrowth. Also to include is the idea of having tree cover in these densly populated areas, where some buildings are treating their roof like a park or garden, various green buildings are being popular which hopefully will also help with tree repopulaiton. The othe rinteresting topic touched upon was the possibility of rights for trees. Personnally I find this to be a fantastic idea, as long as it is supported and regulated approitly, too many times you see areas cleared and “restored” elsewhere where the biodiversity is no longer present. A trend of this is seen with wetland restoration and how it isnt working.

Finally the last bit I wanted to mention was the effects of removing a single animal or tier in the food chain and the effects it can have on the entire system. The tampering of nature by humans, even on small scales, can have dire effects on a ecological system and the Yellowstone grey wolves is a testament to that while at the same time showing how far humanity has actually grown. What I found alarming was the genocide performed against the wolves in North America while at the same time claiming wolves as savage beasts while we would bait wolf packs with a single cub so we could slaughter them.



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