Environment and society

The book was in my opinion quite engaging and strongly highlighted several different issues that many are concerned about today in regard to the safeguard of the environment. The latter half of the book really brought the argument closer to our daily lives as opposed to showing us the problem of the environment through a sort of outside perspective. The carbon dioxide argument was something that countless numbers of people have been stressing about for years. As the book points out clearly we are too enthralled in our busy lives to notice. CO2 emissions have a massive impact on climate change through ever increasing demand for goods and production. This brings about the importance of having an abundance of trees in our environment; unfortunately trees that play such an important part of our natural infrastructure for centuries have been cut down to support the growth of human expansion and development.


We see how the tuna industry through increased technology has caused the fishing vessels to fish massive amounts of tuna for mega profits the world over. The demand is ever increasing and personally if step gradual steps are not taken resources could be very scarce in the future. Where it really home is when the author spoke about bottled water and French fries and how they have a big part to play in damaging the environment. In my Environmental ethics class as well is where we mentioned the issue of bottle making, highlighting how various companies using the word “spring” manage to use regular water or tap water in order to make huge profits. This very fact is highlighted in the remainder of the book. For a resource readily available in abundance we use large quantities of natural resources all in search of high profits. To conclude these are serious issues that will have a unimaginable impact in the long run. I believe a serious “green” drive should start at OWU.


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