Project Idea

Industrial Hemp as a Crop in Ohio

Levi Webster

1) Would industrial hemp be a good type of crop to grow in Ohio?

Industrial hemp as sooooo many uses. It can be used to make thousands of products using every part of the plant. Pound for pound you can harvest more usable material that cotton. so why don’t we?! The idea behind this project is to see if the soil and environment Ohio offers is suitable for the industrial growth of hemp.

2)Data collection will be very simple. I will be collecting everything! I will collect the time line of growth of the plant, nutritional content in the soil, how much product is harvested from the crops, everything i possibly can. This project is ment to collect data to show that this plant would be perfect for Ohio.

3) The way I will compare the growth and products and test my data is by comparing it to that of other crop plants grown in Ohio like beans, corn and wheat. Everything will be grown at the same time to show how well the hemp plant grows.

4) My ultimate goal is to prove that hemp plats will provide Ohio farmers and anyone in agriculture with more material to harvest and sell. It will in the end leave the condition of the soil in a better condition that any other plant and that we would get a much larger profit from hemp than any other plant.

5) Time line is the only thing that would be a little sketchy. I am still looking for how I can get permits to do this type of research. Once permission is granted I can begin growth.

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