Acting on ‘Environmental Racism’

Coates spoke about the relationship between living in a bad envrionment and the types of people that live there. He brings up the attacks on the American white elitism perspective on the protection of wild places. Social justice environmentalists look down upon the trend od tryingt o protect the so-called prestine environments, which cause eople to look past the more pressing environmentalconcerns involving people in polluted and poverty-sticken places.

The EPA has given $7 million to researchers to study the health and social impacts of pollutants and things like stress in low-income communities around the country. Prior studies have concluded that outside factors like stress and poor diet can result in amplified effects on a single pollutant like mercury. This reminds me of Coates’s discussion of “environmental racism.” In my hometown Cincinnati, city planners have overtime relocated a large amount of poor families from their homes in run-down neighborhoods to places that are closer to factories and have remained unclean compared to the wealthier, and white, communities around Cincinnati. these wealthier neighborhoods are much cleaner than the poor ones, and since there are a majority of Black and Hispanic people that live in those poor places, it is creating a cycle of pollution and poverty that we seem to overlook in our efforts to keep those “wild” places pristine for us to visit.

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