Bye Bye Beef

A new tax has been proposed in Europe to help regulate climate change.  It’s not what you’d think.  The tax would be on the production of meat (specifically beef) and milk.  This seems like a direct slam on cows…and it is.  Cows produce methane gas which, as a greenhouse gas, is twenty times more effective at trapping heat than Carbon dioxide.  The goal of the tax is to cut greenhouse gas production as much as possible.  However, the problem with taxing emissions from agriculture is that it is far harder to track than emissions from automobiles.  Nevertheless, the Bill Maher saying rings true: “…better to eat a salad in a Hummer than a cheeseburger in a Prius.”  With this in mind, the tax is still being considered.  It remains to be seen how the public will react.  In my personal opinion it’s probably not wise to bring an idea like this to the United States without first warning the citizens: I say this because the diets of most Americans consists heavily of meat, and many families would balk at a higher cost of beef.  Of course, that’s what the legislators want…if people aren’t willing to buy the beef, production will slow…as will the methane production.

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Cuts of Beef


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