Desert Solitaire

It is clear to see that Abbey has a great affection for the “natural world”. He realizes the true beauty of the area that surrounds him and through his experiences as a park ranger begins to loathe the presence of Humans and Industrialization of the area. To him the construction of the glen canyon damn was one of the greatest american sins. He clearly wants to preserve the wilderness as it is and his respect for animals is an interesting one. His journey through the canyons is described in wonderful detail and as he experiences the landscape one can’t help but wonder what it would look like if it was populated?

Though I didn’t enjoy this as much as “the meadowlands”, Abbey did describe the surrounding and his journey well. I liked how he acknowledged the tourists as “fellow lovers of the outback”.  Also, He raised some important insights about the human condition. Such as the destruction mankind brings to nature as a result of greed and in search of profits.

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