Notes on The Meadowlands

I have decided to structure my opinion on the books we read in this class with three topics: The content, How the book is written, and my overall opinion of the book.

The Content: As far as the content of the book goes I would say it covered quite a lot of topics on the meadow lands. The author made sure that he was very thorough with the history of the area. I think this was a very big part for the book. In order for us to see how the land has been changed and how much humans impact the way the environment runs. He was also great at describing how the wetlands look with several chapters explaining his adventures(alone and with friends) through the creeks and streams that strip the land. And finally the people. Through the book you get a great feel for how the people in that area respect the land even though it has gone to the dumps. All the people he discusses love the meadow lands and are passionate about the history of where they live and finding some way to dig up the history to show the world how precious their land is.

How The book is written: This was a very easy book to read. He was successfully able to describe, in quite great detail how beautiful the meadow lands was.  In contrast he is also able to show us how ugly they are under the ground. Describing the color and smell of the water, and everything that could possibly be found under the surface helps us create an image of how this land was abused. It is crazy to think that there is everything from mercury and toxic waste to bodies under the dirt. He is also pretty go at describing the personalities of the people he meets while exploring. What the people say, how they look and their personalities help us understand how the Meadow lands shape its people.

My final opinion: I would have to say that this book was a fairly relaxed read. It didn’t take too much work to read it. In the beginning I enjoyed visualizing how the land looked. I love swaps and stuff like that so the beauty is wat takes me away with the beginning. I also like how he tries to keep your attention by throwing things like bodies, treasure and the idea of adventure in. But by the last chapter I began to lose my interest.

The End.

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