Our lawns have taken over our minds

My parents are very liberal, wonderful people, who have taught me to think for myself, but they fertilizer our lawn, have it mowed, and water it during the summer.  The lawn has most definitely taken over their minds, and set them to work.  The lawn controls them, to the point where I’ll hear my mom criticize neighbors who have let their yards run wild–this is also because she is a master gardner and puts great labor into her trees and flowers.  Regardless though, what is the deal with have a perfect lawn?

Adding to the irony:

-The people who do put chemicals on their lawns believe that it is worse for the environment than those who do not use the chemicals.

-1999: US spent $1.2 billion on insecticides, not including the $9 billion total for all gardening consumption/products.

-Any explanation of this local phenomenon will reveal that it is nested within a wider context of pressures and coercions.

-American lawns as the conscious expression of the collective American psyche.

-Domestication:  who is to say who domesticated who??  Currently, maize cannot reproduce my itself, it is dependent on the human species.

-Modern lawns are not an expression of culture, although they do require inputs.

-What is the driving force behind the pressure to have a perfect lawn?  To give the impression that your home and household is also perfect?  Does this philosophy relate to wanting a perfect life?  A perfect body?  A perfect soul?  (Radiohead, Creep.)


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