Questions to answer

This list was sent to the first Fall 2010 meeting of the Sustainability Task Force, if I am not mistaken. Please peruse at your own convenience:



>Existing initiatives/structures that can be consolidated in one place:

· Environmental & Wildlife Club

· Sustainability Task Force

· Administration, including Environmental Health and Safety

· WCSA environmental committee

· Jane Decker Arboretum and Greenhouse

· Environmental Studies courses

· Geography Green Maps

· Some administrative policies and decisions – Chartwells, duplex printing, automatic light sensor, renovations, etc.

· Random club student efforts – residential community rules, donate/share corners, streamlining in club administration, choice of club activities

· Random academic pursuits – Honors research, in-class papers or presentations

>Database Prototype

Database prototype should have:

· Standardized master frame where each page should have links to

o Home page

o Other pages

o Search tool with options, or at least a link to the database searching page

o Calendar of events

o How to get involved – leading to recruitment page

· Home page

o Ongoing projects

o Recent updates to ongoing projects

o Links to important University pages like Sustainability Task Force, LIS

· Recruitment page

o Announcement from different groups asking for participation from the community

o Internship opportunities and job prospects with help from Career services

· One page for each of main organizations and groups involved

· One page for each of a compilation under the umbrella of administration, vendors (like Chartwells), Clubs, Community, World, as well as for academic  undertakings

· Database – should be accessible via these avenues

o Links from pages serving as search commands, such that a new page will appear with a list of relevant information in the form of a table that is sort-able

o Search tool


· Pages for individual projects, if any, should have instructions about who to talk to and how to get involved, and/or have downloadable files. These pages should also have links to related projects – specific pages should be accessible via these avenues

o Links from pages

o List resulting from database search

o Calendar


· Database should be searchable and sort-able by:

o organization hosting the project

o themes

o chronology

o source of funding

o subject area (if any)

· Database search should yield a list of  projects (in a default order), with expandable summaries and links to specific pages describing individual projects, and/or to downloadable files

o List generated must be searchable by a secondary search and sort-able

o Lists can expand to summaries.

o List or summaries should link to complete descriptions of individual projects

Platforms to try out (to discuss with David Soliday)


  • OWU Wikis
  • Blog
  • Web page from scratch

A model:,


>Determine a host committee, organization or office in OWU who will maintain the database. Two consequences of this may be:

· the database’s virtual address

· program to use for creating the database

(David Soliday has offered to help resolve the matter. His expertise is in Microsoft Access (which, according to him, “wouldn’t be the best for a web interface”). However, he has kindly offered to help find other expert help to create and maintain the database.)

>Possible initial uploads:

· Environmental and Wildlife Club has a folder of past projects

· Dr John B. Krygier and the GIS StAP intern working with him has begun collating projects making up the ongoing OWU Green Map

· Jane Decker Arboretum

· Voluntary uploads by students and faculty – with built-in screening

>Gauge student and faculty interest in such a database – possible survey

>Copyright issues

As advised by Dr Laurie Anderson, In terms of academic culture and willingness to contribute to the database, it seems to me that authors of projects/papers would need to sign a form giving permission for the work to be added to the archive.  It may be useful to talk with the librarians about copyright issues”

· Contributor agreement for extent of use of their work.

· “Professors often need to retain their rights until they can formally publish their work.”

· But if the database concentrates on “student papers/projects that are unpublished and not likely to be, so many people may be glad that their work is of use to others” (Creative Commons license like Wikipedia’s)

>Voluntary uploads

· Registration and submission of information (any person with an OWU account)

· Create a form that has blanks requiring necessary information – this is a method of reviewing for quality control. A review process will decide the suitability of materials for upload. Uploads will be reviewed for completeness and if the upload is problematic, reviewers can flag the upload.

· The site needs to accept a prescribed range of documents that are content-searchable, as well as other documents of non-conventional form related to projects.

· Contributors need to sign an agreement that describes the extent of use of their work.

· With voluntary submission of information, there needs to be a panel that will evaluate the suitability of the works for upload. I propose that The Environmental Sustainability Committee would be the best panel to delegate this responsibility.


>Making the database accessible and known to people

· On-campus access and off-campus access: the cost and benefits of access through the internet

· How much information to put online or even in a database?

· Database aesthetics – interface design

· Promotion

· Placing significant information on the database to attract users.

>Efficacy evaluation

· create a feedback channel for future improvements


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