how to be idle

Seems silly that I’m writing here, online, about How to be Idle, when I feel as though the internet is not a place one can be idle. It’s full of pop-ups and people trying to sell you things, “public research” where anyone could be lieing to you, you find at least three different versions of what your looking for, not everything saves, or sends. Its just all around frustrating to me. My eyes even start to burn as though they’re saying, stop what your doing take a nap, close your eyes, relax. I always thought life moved a little fast, everyone especially since I came to America seems like they’re in a rush to get somewhere, Hodgkison definitly has it right, no argument here. I think him and I would get along well, I moved to Ohio because it was a little slower than the tri-state area where I live.

In Australia my dad always said ” People use the week to rest for the weekend, however in America they use there weekend to rest for their work week”. I think its obvious which sounds better.

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