Lawn People

I found this book to be very interesting.  You always notice the houses with the immaculate laws.  The question is why do people care so much what there laws look like and spend thousands of dollars every year to keep in looking great?  In my mind if you want yard work done, just do it yourself.  It is not that hard and actually can be good for you!  A little exercise on Saturday afternoon never hurt anyone.  Your law can still look good with out the chemicals and whatever else is put on them.  No one really knows what those companies are spraying on the laws to make them look so green.  It can’t be good though, for the soil, you, or your dog.  Another issue that arises with lawn people is there sprinkle systems.  Talk about a waste!  No one should have watering systems at there homes.  One they are a huge waist of water.  There are talks of water shortages when some are water their lawns in the morning and night, everyday of the week.  Two watering is a waste of money.  The lawn was there before you were born, so I’m sure it will survive while you are their without the chemicals and water.

Not every lawn is extremely nice and really the only people that can afford nice lawns is those with money.  It is great to have a good looking lawn, but at what costs?  There has to be a point where the line is drawn and enough is enough.  Yeah lawns should be able to be played on and whatever, but the chemicals are flowing into the water systems from the run off.  It is a problem that needs to be addressed and maybe even regulated.  In some instances these harmful chemicals that are being applied to the lawns are not even working.  Most lawns that are left alone to take their own course turn out just fine.  In some cases, I do think that lawns should be prepared to look well.  Those cases would be weddings, family gatherings, and other very special events.  Other than that, leave the lawns alone.  They do not need to be tended to five days a week.  I assure you they will be fine if you just leave them alone and cut them when it is necessary.  And like i said before, if you do want you lawn to look good, don’t use chemicals and don’t waste your money on lawn care services.  Just do it yourself, it’s not that hard.

This house does look good, but it is a little ridiculous if you ask me.

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