Environment and Society chs 6-9

I presented.

Part 2: Objects of Concern.

In this section of the book, clearly as stated above, its all about. These are the things most discussed in society today when it comes to our environmental concerns

Carbon Dioxide, Trees, Wolves, Tuna, Bottled Water, French Fries.

Some things I found really interesting about each of these:

CD:  ” global warming” as an incomplete description of what is happening (143)

– lets skip the brief history as most of us should know it

-climate free-riders and carbon cooperation

– Kyototapproch- did it work or didnt it,  what are the true coasts and benefits?


Resisting Deforesation: only way for forest recovery is through social and political action that only happens when the economy plumits

– the success of economic development depends on a decline in forest cover and creates conditions that make recovery less vs. more.

– should trees have rights? can we establish a system where there are benefits to sustaining trees in your area? (177)

-market approach- incentives to discourage forest-cutting Stones appraoch (178)


The all around effect of not having wolves. deer and elk up. vegetation down. (186)

Reintroduction in 95 of the wolves. elk more on the move, dams and lodging up.

Wolf bounties ” money pais by the government to citizens who kill wolves (187) whats our opinion on this

188- 1080 poison from mexico that eliminated wolves.

Tuna- chicken of the sea?

– the effect on dolphins

“Medina panel” and the improvements it made

Fishing at what cost? Would taken a year off in some areas help.

206 “money to be made” meal can run more than a thousand dollars.

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