Eating Animals, yes or no?

I liked this book a lot mostly due to the fact that I felt that it was pretty much directed at someone like me, someone whose struggled with their own concepts of eating meat or not eating meat. While Foer may like to say that his hopes for this book aren’t to force anyone into vegetarianism, and he just wants people to know the truth. However I think we can all say that he approaches all topics that could really gross any meat-eater out. I have been a vegetarian twice, and both times I failed miserably, usually when someone put bacon in front of me, when I came to Ohio Wesleyan I tried my freshman year and felt like I didn’t have the options I necessarily wanted and found myself just eating junk food. Figuring there is no way that’s better for me than eating meat I went back to my old ways, just as Foer and his wife had done so many times during college. Now as a senior, and living off campus, I’ve been eating only all-natural, cage free meat. Mostly just chicken and fish anyway, as my college budget doesn’t fit red meats really.

The part that was hardest for me to grasp in this book, was the part on factory pig farming. Being the owner of Ms. Piggy for a short amount of time, it made me think a lot about what it meant to eat animals. Most people wouldn’t think to eat their house dog or cat, well if anyone owned a pig im pretty sure they’d be hard pressed to ever eat one after. The pig is proven to be more intelligent than a house dog, and in 1990 researchers trained pigs to move cursors on computer screens (although in French, visually you should understand).  Although I don’t place judgement on anyone who choses to eat or not to eat meat, I think that when someone has feelings for these animals it makes it harder to eat them. At least for me. My family raises chickens and truthfully they all have their own personalities, some may think I’m crazy for saying that, but I think because foods such as chicken, beef, and pork have become so ingrained into so many people’s diets and most people just purchase this meat from the store, they have no concept of what these animals are like and perhaps their intelligence. This isn’t my own chapter of “Eating Animals” where I try to tell everyone not to eat meat, but i think there is something to be respected in family farms, and understanding where the meat you eat comes from. Just as California and Ohio recently did, I think all states should commit to movements to wipe out overpacked, often unlivable factory farms.

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