E-Waist Management

The Problem

E-Waste has contributed to about 70% of the toxic chemicals in landfills today.  It is the largest and fastest growing recycling issue today.  What companies are doing is selling the electronics to underdeveloped countries like china where they melt down the products and pull out the valuable parts.  It is hurting the health of many people in the area.  One major problem being lead in children’s blood stream.  Through our proposal we will help to reduce these ill effects.

The Solution

Our proposal is of a solution is to hold an e-waste drive on OWU’s campus.  We would be asking for unused electronics of all sorts that students to not want. We would then recycle them through an American based company that recycles the waste by national standards.  This will reduce the current threat of e-waste pollution abroad. We will then document the operation and results of the E-waste drive and present the results in a power point format.


The Schedule

This Week- Organize our thoughts and send out a campus wide email stating the info about the drive.

Next Week- Work out the logistics of the operations of the drive itself. ( bins, personnel, money needed?, where to hold the event, etc.)

Week After- Market and advertise the event. (Facebook, OWU website?, Flyers, etc.)

Week After That- Hold the event and Document the results.

Week After After That- Create the power point presentation and present.

Tim Schmidt & Neil Michaels

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