Project Proposal- Kate O’Keefe

For my Environmental Geography Project I will select three locations on the Ohio Wesleyan Campus. Two of wich have ben selected one outside the back area of Stuy Dorm and the other outside the back of Hayes Dorm where the Athletic Facility there looks right out onto.  I will be conducting a survey this week to hopefully come to some concise on the final location for my outdoor living space. 

Since I don’t think these projects will most likely be built, I am going on the more extravagant side of things with some, where I will include water features, fire pits, and built-in barbeques. While Ohio Wesleyan may not see these as beneficial ways to spend their money, they also must keep in mind the amount of places students have on the residential side of campus that they can hang out with. Maybe that would help the universities 79% retention rate that although high compared with Ohio schools is still I’m sure could use a boost.

I believe in the Hayes remodeling the most drastic change will be seen. This area is accessible via all dormitories and is what seems to be the center grassy area that everyone travels through, keeping this in mind and still making it accessible for those headed to the gym. I want to add paving stone bike friendly through there so students can have a place to part their bikes right by the big driveway near the “Student Health Center”. I also want to add a barbeque area and 4 fire pits here. I think this will give students a nice place to hang out while on the academic side of campus, and will also set us apart with outdoor spaces from other schools. Since it seems Ohio Wesleyan is trying to make this a campus where students live on campus for all 4 years, I think it will be vital for them to improve areas students can hang out outside of just their dorm rooms.

In the Sty Dorm area, I’ll be placing a water feature that grips along the side of Hayes you see to your right. I think this will block out some of the traffic you hear from the road and give students a serene area to hang out. This area is going to be a little bit more natural as I will replace the stone patio there with a mix of grass and light paving, I will also plants trees blocking the view of the road as I would like to make part of this area a type of “Secret Garden”.

The third area is yet to be determined, but I’m hoping that surveys this week will lead to a final choice. I shall update then!

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