My take on Desert Solitaire

I found Edward Abbey’s “Desert Solitaire” to be pretty enjoyable. While some people could easily see him as the crazy old man who gave up his life to go live in the wild, I find people like this kind of cool but I don’t really think all in all he said that much. I chuckled to myself when he spoke to the deer while sipping his beverage. But did cringe a little when he said he’s “rather kill a man than a snake”, but at least he’s doing something out there in the wild and he’s not just some crazy PETA supporter.

I understand his defense in wanting to protect these places and respect him for this. I feel as though most people treat the world as though they are the only ones who exist in it, with little consideration for their children or the generation that will follow them. My passion for landscape architecture comes from wild gardens and places like that which Abbey is existing in.Places where people don’t over indulge, and coexist with the land.

The concept of parks being for people kind of threw me off, so I’m interested to see in class what others think of this idea. I mean think of all the other life forms that have pretty much been forced to only flourish in those places, isn’t the park for them? Abbeys list of hopeful rules was intreging when thinking about what society wants in comparison to that.

On page 121. when he talks about how he only missed the things he used to have when he was reminded of them like in his trailer. Despite whether this is true or not, in this moment you believe Abbey and believe that you too could survive with less, and be part of what Abbey calls ” the larger world”.

Key points:

– National parks:walk, bike, get on a horse or wild pig. preserving areas & the reality of making them more accessible to humans

–  The how he sees the rest of the world. ex. Dodge Dinosaurs

– how he saw his own role as a Park Ranger. what he said they should be doing

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