Hola, me llamo Natalie.

Hello, I am a senior at OWU majoring in environmental studies and psychology.  I’m from Ann Arbor, MI where I spent most of this past summer doing yard work, avoiding poison ivy (just learned its Latin name- Toxicodendron radicans due to bio diversity of flowering plants class), reading Herman Hesse and John Irving, biking around town, and a short but amazing trip to Colorado.  I’ve been made highly conscious of the fact that everyone from Ohio despises Michigan by the elementary school kids of the Columbus Initiative; I tried to explain that I’d rather watch foreign soccer players slide tackle each other than American football guys annihilate one another but alas, their booing was heard from outside the classroom.  I don’t yet have a plan for next year, although I’d like to be somewhere in close proximity to mountains, also where there are more sunny days than here in the midwest.  Boulder, CO has over 300 days of sunshine a year, so for someone like me who has a hard time surviving the long winters of Ohio, all those warm rays would totally blow my mind in the best way possible.  Plus, there are few feelings greater than hiking up a mountain.  Here are my compadres and I descending from the continental divide:

This is at Indian Peaks, taken opposite Dorothy Lake and glacier at about 12,000 ft. Please note that we had begun the hike at 10,000 ft, so it was only a brief day trip.

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