Hi I’m Kate O’Keefe…

I’m a senior Humanities and Classics major who lives in Connecticut. My favorite colors are cobalt blue, sea-foam, and I appreciate all things green. I consider Australia my home and hope to return there soon after graduation for either graduate school or just for a visit.  I work at Buns Restaurant during the school year, and meet a wide variety of characters from around the Delaware area every day, and  the restaurant business has really been something I enjoy. 

I love all animals including bugs. This summer I became fascinated with dragonflies and butterflies as I spent my summer in Connecticut exploring the woods, and the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. But usually I have a love for the larger and more mysterious animals. I just got a pretty cool bike that  I’m excited about, and a 32-inch flat screen that my brother lost in a bet before I came to school. It feels good. I’m hoping after I graduate to eventually go to Grad school for something like Landscape Design or Landscape Architecture. But I’ll be taking a year off either for some traveling or an internship. So yeah that’s a brief get to know me! And I posted a photo of Petunia below, my two-year old African Spur thigh tortoise..

 " Petunia"

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