Desert Solitaire round 2

I am 100% sure that I already did this reading response but I can’t seem to find it on the blog anywhere. I guess I did not post it the right way and I never checked or thought about it until trying to get all of these organized. I really liked the book and I liked the things that I found out about Abbey from doing some research about him. It was a pretty long time ago so I do not remember too many specifics but I definitely liked the writing style that Abbey used and the way that he told his story about living out in total seclusion and use that to try and help prove other points. I also liked the few times that he did see people during his time in the desert and it really showed how diverse the world is.

I also really liked the part about the flaws that are found in the idea of tourism to places of “natural beauty.” It is really interesting, and to a large part true how he says all of the luxuries and other things that people want on a vacation take away from the natural beauty of a place and just turn it into another touristy slice of American pie. I have always been a person who likes to go to National Parks that are secluded from other people and things such as cars, hotels, and things like this. I spent a month in the Wind River National Park in Wyoming and we saw fewer than 100 people outside of our group of 12. It was great to be surrounded by nature all of the time and really feel like you are a part of it. One highlight for me came when I was about a mile from camp trying to find water and stumbled upon about 20 elk. The alpha male of the group looked at me for a while then made a barking noise and they all ran. It was very cool to be able to see something like that. I liked this book and I wish I had my original review of it.

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