Charlie’s Final Evaluation

Reading Responses

Week 2 (1/20/10): Sullivan: “Meadowlands”

Week 3 (1/27/10): Abbey: Desert Solitaire

Week 4 (2/3/10): Williams “Red”

Week 5 (2/10/10): No Class

Week 6 (2/17/10): Nature, Part 1. This is the one reading response that I did not do and I am not going to make up, reading the second half of this book was all the Nature I could handle.

Week 7 (2/24/10): Coates, Nature ch. 6-9

Week 8 (3/3/10): Foer, Eating Animals

Week 9 (3/10/10): Spring Break

Week 10 (3/17/10): Hodgkinson, How to Be Idle

Week 11 (3/24/10): Vandermeer and Perfecto: Breakfast of Biodiversity

Week 12 (3/31/10): Robins, Lawn People

Presentation: I did my presentation on Breakfast of Biodiversity with Kyle. I focused on the first half of the book, while he focused on the second half.

Current Events

Onion Article

Killer Asian Carp

Shamu is not so Cute

10 Most Endangered

My view on lawns

Nashville Underwater

Project Shtuff

Project Ideas One

Project Proposal One

Project Proposal Two

Project Outline

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