Is that New Orleans during Katrina? No, it’s Nashville

So I thought I would make up one of my missed current events with this piece of evidence that God is very unhappy. This weekend shattered the record rainfall for Middle Tennessee, including my hometown of Nashville and has caused major flooding throughout the state. I have a few friends who’s houses have flooded and others who have lost their cars to the flood waters. So far I think that my house survived without any water damage and as far as I know all my family and friends are safe but it is going to be a long road back from this, which i am kind of excited about since I am interested in urban planning and might be able to get some kind of a job from this thing. In true southern fashion I found a video of a trailer home, it was actually an outbuilding from a local shool, floating down the interstat, which looks more like a river. Now I really want to get home and see the damage, should be interesting.

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