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May 6, 2010

Reading Responses

Week 2: Cronon and Sullivan

Week 3 (1/27/10): Abbey: Desert Solitaire

Week 4 (2/3/10): Red

Week 5 (2/10/10): No Class

Week 6 (2/17/10): Nature I

Week 7 (2/24/10): Presented Nature part II with Jack

Week 8 (3/3/10): Eating animals

Week 9 (3/10/10): Spring Break

Week 10 (3/17/10): How to Be Idle

Week 11 (3/24/10): Breakfast of Biodiversity

Week 12 (3/31/10): Lawn People

Current Environmental Events


Lawn Neighbor

Liscense to Ill


Human Activity Integrated into Future Climate Models

Power in Ocean Currents

Jeremy’s Final Course Evaluation

May 5, 2010


Week 1: The Meadowlands

Week2: Trouble with Wilderness

Week3: Desert Solitare

Week4: Red

Week 5: No Class

Week 6: Nature, No Post

Week 7: Nature, No Post

Week 8: Eating Animals

Week 9: Spring Break

Week 10: How to be Idle

Week 11: Breakfast of Biodiversity, No post

Week 12: Lawn People, No post


I presented Red via PowerPoint.

Current Events:

Leave no Trace Ethics (Bottom of Meadowlands Review)

Oceans Role in Climate Change

Calling all IPhones

What to Do With Robbie Williams’ Latest CD

Now on to the Veggies

The Cove



Look at that View

Reading Response: How to be Idle

May 5, 2010

This book was one of the original motivations to take this class. I remember sitting on the lawn with Chris Drover while slacklining. He would randomly shout out phrases while he read them. We would then continue to talk about them with me. This book was one of my favorites in the course. Hodgkinson brought up many good points about the work ethics of Americans.

I also, believe that many of the suggestions he has in the beginning of the book are not able to applied. I took many of his suggestions with a grain of salt. If we could convince society to live by a more relaxed pace, I think we could still be just as productive while being much happier.

I really liked the chapter addressing long lunches. I believe that lunch should be a time to rejuvenate, just as he suggests. I also believe that this would allow us to break up our day and make us more productive in the latter half of the day.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was an easy read, and would suggest it to anybody who has an open mind and is willing slow down a little to get more out of life, not just more money.

Ben Pepe’s Final Evaluation

May 4, 2010
  Reading ResponsesWeek 2 (1/20/10): Meadowlands

Week 3 (1/27/10): Abbey: Desert Solitaire

Week 4 (2/3/10): Red

Week 5 (2/10/10): No Class

Week 6 (2/17/10): Nature, Part 1.Nature pt. 1

Week 7 (2/24/10): Nature, Part 2. Nature pt. 2

Week 8 (3/3/10): Eating Animals

Week 9 (3/10/10): Spring Break

Week 10 (3/17/10): N/A

Week 11 (3/24/10):Breakfast of Biodiversity

Week 12 (3/31/10):Lawn People

Presentation: I did my presentation on Lawn People I focused on the second half. Lawn People Presentation 2nd half

Current Events:

Toads Detects Earthquake

Whales Save Seal

Recycled Jerseys

Cat food used agaisnt Toads

Crabon Calulator

China and Clean Energy

U.S. grain Crops


Intro to Me

Cronon Review + Current enviro News




Charlie’s Final Evaluation

May 4, 2010

Reading Responses

Week 2 (1/20/10): Sullivan: “Meadowlands”

Week 3 (1/27/10): Abbey: Desert Solitaire

Week 4 (2/3/10): Williams “Red”

Week 5 (2/10/10): No Class

Week 6 (2/17/10): Nature, Part 1. This is the one reading response that I did not do and I am not going to make up, reading the second half of this book was all the Nature I could handle.

Week 7 (2/24/10): Coates, Nature ch. 6-9

Week 8 (3/3/10): Foer, Eating Animals

Week 9 (3/10/10): Spring Break

Week 10 (3/17/10): Hodgkinson, How to Be Idle

Week 11 (3/24/10): Vandermeer and Perfecto: Breakfast of Biodiversity

Week 12 (3/31/10): Robins, Lawn People

Presentation: I did my presentation on Breakfast of Biodiversity with Kyle. I focused on the first half of the book, while he focused on the second half.

Current Events

Onion Article

Killer Asian Carp

Shamu is not so Cute

10 Most Endangered

My view on lawns

Nashville Underwater

Project Shtuff

Project Ideas One

Project Proposal One

Project Proposal Two

Project Outline

Desert Solitaire round 2

May 4, 2010

I am 100% sure that I already did this reading response but I can’t seem to find it on the blog anywhere. I guess I did not post it the right way and I never checked or thought about it until trying to get all of these organized. I really liked the book and I liked the things that I found out about Abbey from doing some research about him. It was a pretty long time ago so I do not remember too many specifics but I definitely liked the writing style that Abbey used and the way that he told his story about living out in total seclusion and use that to try and help prove other points. I also liked the few times that he did see people during his time in the desert and it really showed how diverse the world is.

I also really liked the part about the flaws that are found in the idea of tourism to places of “natural beauty.” It is really interesting, and to a large part true how he says all of the luxuries and other things that people want on a vacation take away from the natural beauty of a place and just turn it into another touristy slice of American pie. I have always been a person who likes to go to National Parks that are secluded from other people and things such as cars, hotels, and things like this. I spent a month in the Wind River National Park in Wyoming and we saw fewer than 100 people outside of our group of 12. It was great to be surrounded by nature all of the time and really feel like you are a part of it. One highlight for me came when I was about a mile from camp trying to find water and stumbled upon about 20 elk. The alpha male of the group looked at me for a while then made a barking noise and they all ran. It was very cool to be able to see something like that. I liked this book and I wish I had my original review of it.

Is that New Orleans during Katrina? No, it’s Nashville

May 3, 2010

So I thought I would make up one of my missed current events with this piece of evidence that God is very unhappy. This weekend shattered the record rainfall for Middle Tennessee, including my hometown of Nashville and has caused major flooding throughout the state. I have a few friends who’s houses have flooded and others who have lost their cars to the flood waters. So far I think that my house survived without any water damage and as far as I know all my family and friends are safe but it is going to be a long road back from this, which i am kind of excited about since I am interested in urban planning and might be able to get some kind of a job from this thing. In true southern fashion I found a video of a trailer home, it was actually an outbuilding from a local shool, floating down the interstat, which looks more like a river. Now I really want to get home and see the damage, should be interesting.

Being Idle: My Life Story

May 2, 2010

I got confused about making a post for this week since we were going to your house for dinner and all of that but I did read the book and it was actually my favorite book that we read this semester. After reading the first chapter of the book I knew that I was going to like it and I found out that the author and I have a lot in common. Sleeping in and then deciding what I want to do with my day sounds like the perfect life to me and much like this author, if I could do absolutely nothing all day then I would be thrilled. I have always been a bit of a lazy person and I have never ben a morning person so a lifestyle such as this would suit me very well. Unfortunately I do not have the means to do this and I have an Uncle who has done this pretty much all his life and the last thing I want to do is end up like him. So I will probably slave away at a job that I probably will not like very much to try and fit into society and try to earn a good living, with which to raise a family, hopefully. If I do not get married and start a family then I have always considered working extra hard for fifteen to twenty years and then move to a country with a good exchange rate and spend the rest of my life sipping Pina Coladas on a beach somewhere.
One thing that I definitely agree with the author about is how shitty it is to be woken up by an alarm. I find myself waking up around when the alarm will go off on my own just so I can avoid being abruptly woken up by that terrible beeping sound. I definitely see a reason why alarms are necessary, such as forgetting to set an alarm the day before an exam and waking up hours after it has ended, which has unfortunately happened to me one time before. I never set alarms on days when I do not have to get up at a certain time and it seems that as I have gotten older, I am 25 now, I have lost my ability to sleep in and if I wake up it is much harder than it used to be to go back to sleep. My laziness overrules my hate of alarms on most days, though, and I try to go back to sleep even if I only have a few minutes.
I really appreciated his chapter on the death of lunch in America as opposed to some other cultures that make time for a long lunch and then a nice food nap in between. I have always been more of a breakfast person, if I am up early enough to eat breakfast that is, which is rare. When I can I like to try and eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a pauper, and dinner like a commoner, the saying goes something like that I think. That is really the most healthy way of doing things since your metabolism decreases as the day wears on. Also many parts of Italy are doing away with long lunches because they are having trouble keeping up with the other European economies. This is even changing the siesta thing in some parts of Spain, which is depressing but it is just the way of the world today.

I also liked the part about hangovers and trying to enjoy the ride instead of trying to find a cure. I, for one, have a good cure for hangovers that almost always works: one or two packets of BC powder, its like a southern version of alka seltzer but much better, and 32 ounces of gatorade. This usually works for me but stupid Ohio does not have BC Powder and I always forget to bring some up so I have actually found myself trying to take his advice a few times in the past month of school or so.

While I really liked this book it also made me pretty jealous of someone who could actually do this and not be overwhelmed by a sense of failure, as I think I would be if I did this all the time. I really doubt that this author really even practices this lifestyle all that much. I listened to an episode of Fresh Air on NPR where this author was interviewed and he even admitted that it was hard at times, especially after his wife had their first baby. This is a good thought but it is very hard to do all the time in today’s world, which is a true shame for lazy people such as myself.

Eating Animals

May 2, 2010

This book was assigned the one week that I missed class because I had to go home and get two crowns, which took four hours under the drill, very fun. I just forgot about making this post but I did read the book and I liked it a whole lot, but it has not made me any less of a carnivore than I have always been. I already try to eat as much “organic” meat as i possibly can because it tastes a lot better. Steaks from Whole Foods, yes I know that whole foods is the Wal-mart of the organic foods business but I still like it, are so much better than steaks from Kroger, they have just the right amount of marbling and are so good. While all of the discussion of the horrors of the factory farmed meats were a bit disturbing, they did not really change my mind about how to eat. I did like the way that he tried to get the perspectives from all sides of the argument, rather than coming right out and attacking these factory farms for all of their faults.

Another part of this book that I really liked was when he talked about the eating of dogs in so many other parts of the world. This was a pretty funny piece that talks about how the United States and Canada are some of the few places where the eating of dog meat is considered very taboo. So why is this true here? There is the whole companionship thing in this country about dogs being man’s best friend and all of that but pigs can be much better pets than dogs, they are smarter, just as loyal, and just as lovable yet Americans consume millions of pigs every year. I guess for each, his own on this matter, I do not look down on anyone for eating dogs, you gotta do what you gotta do.
I also liked all the talk about the evils of factory farming and things that it has caused, such as the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, which had a swine and avian influence that is widely believed to have come from the meat farms of this time. This part of the book blew my mind just talking about this pandemic, which is very rarely talked about, yet, which killed more people in one year than all four years of the First World War. I did like hearing all of the horror stories about how the animals are treated and all of that and I have actually seen this firsthand. My family owns some interest in a slaughterhouse in East Tennessee and I went on a tour of this facility sometime in high school. It was hard to watch then and was hard to read about in this book, yet it never changed my constant hunger for animal flesh. If this means that I can not call myself a true environmentalist, as the author suggested, then so be it. I will continue to enjoy my beef, pork, venison, chicken and most other meats.

Kyle’s Course Evaluation

May 1, 2010

1) Readings:

Week 2 (1/20/10): Sullivan:The Meadowlands Entire Book

Week 3 (1/27/10): Abbey:Desert Solitaire Entire Book

Week 4 (2/3/10): Williams: Red Entire Book

Week 5 (2/10/10): No Class

Week 6 (2/17/10): Coates: Nature Chp 1-5

Week 7 (2/24/10): Coates: Nature Chp 6-9

Week 8 (3/3/10): Foer: Eating Animals Entire Book

Week 9 (3/10/10): Spring Break

Week 10 (3/17/10): Hodgkinson: How to be Idle Entire Book

Week 11 (3/24/10): Vandermeer & Perfecto: Breakfast of Biodiversity Entire Book…. My Presentation with Charlie Crocker

Week 12 (3/31/10): Robins: Lawn People Entire Book

2) Presentation:

Week 11 (3/24/10): Vandermeer & Perfecto: Breakfast of Biodiversity

3) Current Events:

Week 2 (1/20/10): Environment News

Week 3 (1/27/10): Pie To the Face

Week 4 (2/3/10): Reduce Carbon Emission

Week 6 (2/17/10):Ice is Melting

Week 7 (2/24/10): Solar Cooking

Week 8 (3/3/10):Spider Man

Week 11 (3/24/10): Volcano

Week 12 (3/31/10): Grass

4) Project Junk

Project Idea

Project Outline

Final Project

5) Extra:

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