Jack S. Final Evaluation


Week 2 (1/20/10): Sullivan The Meadowlands (entire book)

Week 2 (1/20/10): Cronon “The Trouble With Wilderness

Week 3 (1/27/10): Abbey Desert Solitaire (entire book)

Week 4 (2/3/10): Williams Red (entire book)

Week 6 (2/17/10): Coates Nature Preface and ch. 1-5

Week 7 (2/24/10): Coates Nature ch. 6-9 + White “The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis” (same link as week 6)

Week 8 (3/3/10): Foer Eating Animals (entire book)

Week 10 (3/17/10): Hodgkinson How To Be Idle (entire book)

Week 11 (3/24/10): Vandermeer & Perfecto Breakfast of Biodiversity (entire book)

Week 12 (3/31/10): Robbins Lawn People (entire book)

Current Environmental News:

Bicycle Transportation Alliance

For Your Health

Interesting Peugeot Concept Car


Way to go Ontario

Captain Planet

Jack Albert and Lawns

Project Blogs:

First Blog about the project

Slow Food

Slow Food Outline

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