Lawns in Nashville

Not only are lawns an American thing, I think that people in the old south take extra pride in their lawns, despite the fact that the majority of the owners do very little of the actual maintenance work. My family has always had a lawnmower guy come to our house like once a week or so to cut the grass. We have been using the same guy since I can remember and in this time the lawn care business has gone from a job for people who did not go to college into being almost all large companies who employ undocumented workers and pay them less than minimum wage. These companies are able to give the best prices because of these wages that they pay their workers and they have put a lot of small companies out of business.
As for lawns on their own I do think that a nicely mowed lawn with some landscaping really does improve the looks of a house a whole lot. A nice green lawn is something that a man should be able to take pride in, even if you dont do the work yourself. Another example of drama over lawns from home comes from the person who owns the empty lot next to ours. My parents live on the dead end of a street in the suburbs of Nashville and the lot next to us has not been built on yet. The owner, who lives in Atlanta, is treating it as an investment and will try and sell the lot when the market improves. So needless to say he is not very interested in the shape of the lawn, to the consternation of my father. It does get pretty crazy after a while, there are trees of weeds that are taller than I am in the spring and looks like a perfect home for snakes. This really pisses my Dad off and he calls city codes on him when it gets really bad. I actually think it is pretty cool how things grow when they are left alone and I kind of like having a jungle of weeds in the lot next door lot, it makes things more tropical looking. I like clean lawns but I do not think that I will spend much time on my own lawn whenever I get one, just not my style.

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