Lawn Neighbor

My neighbor, Craig, back home in a suburb just north of Chicago is by full sense of the term a lawn person.  He has a very dense front and back yard garden with a beautifully manicured lawn.  I have seen him spend literally hours out in his yard maintaining it.  This behavior has led to the formation of somewhat a gap  between the two houses.  My mom and I often speculate on the psychology behind his undying love for his yard.  We often attribute it to the fact that the couple never had any children, thus treating his lawn/garden as his child.

Supplemental to his own gardening he hires a landscaping company to come weekly to do even more upkeep.  The amount of money he and wife must spend on their yard seems unfathomable to my family, who still mows the old fashion way, sans the help of a crew of workers.  Another thing I found interesting is that I have never seen his wife out tending to it, only Craig.

But what I find most interesting is how little time he spends out in his garden just lounging or even laying on his lawn.  In the back of their house they have an enclosed porch which I guess does it for them in terms of appreciating their lawn.  To me a lawn is something to play, lay, or walk bar foot on; not something to close your self off from.  Growing up I would often play around their back yard, pretending I was exploring a jungle.  This was often met with either Craig his wife shoo-ing me back home followed promptly by a call to my parents.

I just find it amazing that a person can put so much time and money into something that really is beautiful and yet feel it must only be observed from a distance, never reaching out to touch it.

Recently they sold their house and are moving to Vermont.  I will be very interested to see how my new neighbors treat their lawn.

As an ironic aside, the neighbors on the other side of my house has their small back lawn removed because they thought it was too much hassle.  Is it odd that these neighbors act much more neighborly and have a much stronger relationship with my family?  Are lawn people just crazy, or is it just me?

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