My experience with lawns is more of a love/relationship if anything. I used to love running around my front and backyard with bare feet and not having a care in the world about the make-up and maintenance of the lawn. But as I grew older, to the point where I had to cut the grass myself and take care of it, I grew to hate it. And now, for the past two years I worked on the golf course, cutting grass all day everyday, just making me absolutely hate grass. But I love looking at the finished job and see how beautiful it really can be. It really is a confusing relationship but I love the art of landscaping and making your lawn look beautiful, but there is so much work behind it, and it makes you think is it really worth all this hard work. All in all, I believe when I am an old grouchy man I will be the one guy where he takes care of his lawn and prides himself on it.

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