The Lawns in Park Ridge, IL

I was first introduced to the question of “why humans find it necessary to take care of thier lawns” by Dr. Hickcox in his Environmental Alteration class. I had never considered this question before.  I grew up in an neighborhood where people took pride in their lawns.  Nearly everyone in my town and neighboring towns have lawn care providers.  Any given day, at any given time you can find a flat-bed truck with lawn care equiptment and spanish speaking Americans working outside a McMansion. 

Growing up our family never had someone else work on our lawn.  My parents liked to do it all themselves.  All they ever did was mow the lawn and maybe put some fertilizer in the flower beds, but they never added any chemicals to the lawn.  I still rememeber playing outside and picking these little purple flowers and dandilions in the backyard.  I thought they were so pretty.  However, sometime when I was in middle school they decided to invest in TruGreen chem lawn.  These people sprayed our lawn (I’m assuming with chemicals) once a month and just like that all of those pretty dandilions and purple flowers were gone.  They also left a sign on our yard saying not to let our dog walk on it. 

After reading this book I was interested in what would happen if a homeowner decided not to mow their lawn.  Then I remembered about our neighbors who we nicknamed the ‘hermits.’ (We gave them this name because we never saw them enter/leave their house.)  Their lawn was only maintined about once every 2 weeks by a push mower.  But between each mow their lawn became tall, messy, and unkept.  I don’t think many people on our block liked the look, but these people obviously didn’t care about what other people thought.  Good for them.  I’m not sure what I thought about them at the time, but now I would commend them for not following the trend. 

I will admit that once I own a house I will probably mow my lawn when it gets tall, and keep up the flower beds and such.  But, I will NOT hire a lawn care service or get rid of those pretty little purple flowers.

what if someone on your block didnt take care of their lawn?

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