Jack Albert and Lawns

A love/hate relationship I guess is what I have with lawns. Yeah! they are fun to play in as a child. I started out rolling in the grass as a child ( I am assuming). Crawling, rolling, and embracing lawns are what babies and young children will do in the grass. As life progressed I started running, playing, and falling on the lawn. For me the backyard was my domain. The front yard was too close to the busy road dominated by semi trucks, farm machinery, and cars that could lead to my possible death and the numerous lives of my pet cats. My back yard lawn was where I spent most of my time doing the typical kid stuff; playing tag, catch, and just “being a kid”. With a fence around it my yard was safe, safe from the dangerous wolves and whatever other animals my babysitter told my brother and I were in the woods behind my house. When I didn’t have to do anything other than have fun in the yard I loved the hell out of it. Watching my mom and dad mow and tend to the lawn made me want to do it too. I guess I was at that point of wanting more responsibility. I begged my dad to let me mow the back yard, it had done so much for me so why not do it a favor. Yeah, I’ll give the lawn a haircut in return for having fun on it … it was the least I could do right? After the first time I mowed the lawn it looked like Ray Charles had come to my house and mowed for me. “This is hard work”, I thought to myself. Once I figured out how to mow the lawn properly, straight lines ( I guess you can’t just drive the lawnmower around in circles) I was asked more frequently to do this chore. “Jack Albert! I asked you to mow the lawn an hour ago!” would come from my mom’s mouth. At this point I started to hate my lawn, it demanded so much from me. I was starting to receive less pleasure from playing, etc. I didn’t play catch, tag, or hide and seek anymore, so why did I have to repay the lawn? “Because I told you to”, is what my parents would have said if this question would have been asked.

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