Reading Response: Eating Animals

To be honest, I’m not even really sure where to begin with this fascinating book. Johnathon Foer is quite the writer. He does an amazing job of connecting with the reader on a personal level then discussing some very heavy issues regarding factory framing. I really like how Foer did not just side with the vegans and vegetarians. He does express however that ultimately this is what he would love to see in the world, but he realizes that vegetarianism  is just a dream and people love meat. I like how approaches the sins of factory farming and still gives praise to the family farmer. I must say that he made quite a big impact on myself.

Like Foer I have toyed with being a vegetarian throughout my life, mostly just doing it when it has been most convenient. Throughout that time I new some of the inhumane treatment of animals for the price of meat, but I had no idea the extensiveness with which it was carried out. While reading this book I also watch FOOD INC. both of these pieces have had a very strong impact on me and I look forward to tonights discussion.

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