In the process of reading Foer’s Book Eating Animals over the weekend I also watched a movie entitled Thankskilling. Because Eating Animals brings up thanksgiving numerous times this movie was very fitting to watch while reading Eating Animals.

Thankskilling is a very low budget movie made in the Newark (Nrrrk), Heath area of Ohio. The movie is about a group of students on thanksgiving break being terrorized by a killer turkey. Needless to say this movie was so terrible it was amazing.

Reading Eating Animals was an oddly enjoyable experience. Of course I am not going to thou thoroughly enjoy reading about all the terrible things that happen to animals in the commercial meat industry, but after reading these things I am very glad I know the truth about the industry. Being an on and off vegetarian, like Foer, this book has more than convinced me to be afraid of eating meat. My “vegetarianism” excluded most seafood, deer, squirrel, rabbit, and fish my dad and brother hunted or fished. I will continue to eat all the animals my dad and brother kill, but for the time being I plan on staying away from commercial seafood because that part of the book had the largest impact on me. This may be especially hard for me because I love shrimp, salmon, and crab. Just like Nicolette I think I would feel guilty after eating these things now. I wouldn’t feel guilty because these animals were my friends or because I particularly love animals, but because I now know how much is wasted in the process. In a way this book gave me a few more reasons for being a vegetarian and makes me want to be vegan or even raw.

At the beginning of each chapter of the book there is a little factoid at the bottom of the page. I found these little facts to be very interesting. All of the facts stated throughout the book were very interesting. One fact that stuck out to me was about vegetarian and vegan people having a much smaller impact on the earth and global warming. In the same vein the section about the FDA statement about vegetarian and vegan diets “just as good” as omnivore diets. Playing sports in high school and for a year here at OWU, people constantly told me to make sure I ate enough meat to prevent protein deficiency. Hey guess what coach, parent, friend!? I don’t have to eat meat to maintain a healthy diet.

Some of the random Ohio facts really caught my eye while reading this book. On page 51 it says Ohio exempts farm animals from requirements for “wholesome exercise and change of air”. Later in the book Cincinnati is mentioned as being the place where the first large slaughter house was held. This slaughter house was for pigs and apparently was very nasty. Way to go Ohio.

The I am the Last Poultry Farmer section of the book was very interesting to me because it tells us that almost definitely we are not eating turkey when we think we are. Sure it looks like a turkey, but really it isn’t. While reading this section it made me think of a story I have been told about domesticated turkey farms. I have been told when it rains turkeys drown because they do not know better than to not look straight up toward the sky, eventually drowning from raindrops. This just shows how far away from real animals the animals many people eat.

What am I going to do on thanksgiving when I have to look at this huge turkey or on christmas with the ham. I haven’t been eating them, mainly because my girlfriend is vegetarian or maybe because it is hot and trendy now, but I know now how many terrible things the animals and the meat produced go through on their way to the plate. Should I force people to read this book?

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