Nature Part #2

I personally liked the first part of the book more than the second part. The second part still had some interesting points. The one quote i liked was on page 121, saying that “Wilderness is the raw material that out of which nature is fashioned”. Once again it made me think a lot. I think this means that what we talked about the first night about wilderness, and how that shapes nature. I also like the Ha-ha walls. It made me laugh cause it has “haha” in it. It’s like an optical illusion from afar and once up close it is a visible break in the land. Next I found interesting was the fact that the Nazi’s had a religion of nature. Saying that homosexuality is unnatural but now it is believed that homosexuality is indeed natural in the animal kingdom. The last part i liked was the comparison between humans and animals and how animals adapt to things and learn just as humans do. Apes, whales, dolphins and birds have all learned to adapt to the environment in order to survive just as humans do. I thought this was very interesting.

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