Look at that View

To give El Cap (background) scale this image was taken from about 1200 feet up.

Title: Environmental Effects of Rock Climbing: People and the Environment

Presenter: Jeremy Franz

Contacts: Ryan Carlson, Jared Spalding, Adam Boyd, and possibly the American Mountain Guide Association

Sources: American Mountain Guide Association, Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition, Carolina Climbing Coalition, and other sources relating to animal speciation in heavily climbed areas


Class after spring break: I would like to have the survey questions written up. I would like to have at least fifteen questions. I would also like to get scholarly resources relating peregrine falcon closers ect.

End of April:

I would like to complete a power point and exercise relating to the project. All research will be complete.


I plan to look at the way rock climbing has shaped environmental awareness in our culture an some of the effects it has on the environment. I would like to do this by interviewing experienced and non-experienced rock climbers.  To research the effects on environmental awareness I would like to conduct a survey in order to research how ones views have changed once introduced to rock climbing. I would also like to view how heavily climbed areas have an effect on the environment. I plan to do this by looking at data of speciation rates in the areas in researching. Which may include the Red River Gorge and the Linville Gorge in NC.

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