I have officially thrown out my other idea and came up with a new one.  I, along with another OWU student, am going to start a FoodNotBombs chapter right here in Delaware (possibly Columbus).  If you haven’t heard of FoodNotBombs, it’s a revolutionary movement dedicated to feeding vegetarian and vegan meals to hungry people and protesting war and poverty.  It is a peaceful movement committed to ending the war, as well as hunger, globalization of the economy, and exploitation/destruction of the earth.  The way it works is with a large volunteer base (so let me know if any of you would like to volunteer), where people recover food that will not be used (from different food stores/restaurants) and serve hot vegan and vegetarian meals in public places.  These meals are open to anyone, without restriction.  I have been interested in this idea since Thanksgiving break, after attending the SOA vigil in Georgia where they had a FoodNotBombs stand and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start it.

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