Passenger Trains for Delaware, OH

Ohio was awarded $400 million of the $564 requested to reestablish passenger train service connecting Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland. There is some concern that the shortfall threatens the project, given the rather dire state of Ohio’s economy.

There has also been the requisite whining about how slow the train will be – averaging around 40 mph due to station stops. This of course ignores the significant number of people who don’t have a car, the positive impact on the environment, and the simple fact that not everybody feels the need to rush around all the time.

Whatever happens, there are plans for a Delaware, Ohio area stop at one of three locations shown below. They include the old train station in East Delaware, a location east of town along Hwy 36/37, and a location south-east of town near Cheshire Road.

Passenger train service would be a boon for students and faculty at Ohio Wesleyan, and if the station was located on Delaware’s east side, that neighborhood would see some terrific benefits.

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