Environmental Event — Record Gusts

“A Record Gust Get Blown Away” — The New York Times

Mt. Washington has held the record for the fastest gust of wind, 231 miles an hour,  since it was set in 1934. This record has been broken on the Barrow Island, off the coast of Australia, last week during a cyclone that produced a gust of 253 miles an hour.

Apparently New Hampshire lies in the path of three major storm tracks which make winds of 100 miles per hour more or less common. Mount Washington is only 6,300 feet tall which is short compared to many mountains in the Rockies even though it is the tallest mountain in the North East.

Apparently the new record was made in 1996 but only just became public after the data was discovered by the World Meteorological Organization.

There may have been instances where faster winds have been produced however many instruments have not been able to withstand such strong gusts.

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