Cronon Response

Upon reading the Cronon chapter, I understood better why people define the wilderness in such harsh terms.  In the past, the wilderness was feared because of the thought that the wilderness was the place of the divine.  Thoreau referred to the wilderness as a place that was not to be enountered by man, something only for God and other divine creatures.  Eventually, humans moved past this fear of the wilderness, but the ideas and thoughts about it are still held today, to some extent.  I think this is because we don’t exactly know much about it and humans seem to fear what they don’t understand.  Essentially, this makes sense. But as you think more deeply on this topic, the sense that is made out of it seems to become a blur.  Humans developed and evolved from the wilderness.  We haven’t always had advanced technology and this seemingly ridiculous ‘power’ over nature.  People used to view themselves as one with nature.  We simply have lost touch with this view and I believe to save our planet from a surely empty future, we need to get back in touch with this side of our past.

One Response to Cronon Response

  1. John Krygier says:

    Decent comments. Enhance with some additional info – links, images. Also some questions for discussion.

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