Meadowlands Book

CONTRAST!!!!!!! seemed to be the major aspect of the meadowlands book that stuck out to me the most while reading. there are people that appreciate what the meadowlands have to offer and there are the people that view it as this terribly polluted  place that houses dead bodies and ferocious mosquitoes. before reading this book i had never heard of the meadowlands let alone the different views concerning it. in a way it makes sense that i would not know of the meadowlands because of what they are. why would i want to know about some polluted marsh that has nothing to offer me? sure, toledo is quite trek from new jersey, but as terrible as this place sounds maybe i should have heard something about it at some point. what i found most interesting is that there are people that enjoy the meadowlands, use them often, and have some odd respect for the area. the man, whose nationality i can’t remember, swimming in the water that was certainly polluted without a care really made me chuckle. his reasoning was perfect. why drive all the way to coney island to swim in “clean” water and get a rash when there is a refreshing body of water to swim in so close to home? makes sense to me. Leo was another person that seemed to love the meadowlands. all of his contraptions used to navigate the meadowlands seemed strage and oddly resourceful. messing around in the marsh seemed to be his idea of fun. while reading the book i would think about how much fun it would be to struggle through the meadowlands and have the story to tell (assuming survival). the area seems to be explored and adorned by few and hated by most. maybe if everyone knew some of the interesting facts about the area discussed in the book their opinions would change. probably not. hell, the possibility of jimmy hoffa’s body being in there somewhere makes the meadowlands interesting enough.

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  1. John Krygier says:

    Ok notes. Try making them a bit more formal (use capitalization!), do a bit of digging on the web and find some info that elaborates on issues that struck you as interesting. Also generate some questions for discussion.

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